Greater Minnesota Worker Center joins nationwide strike on November 10

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In Minneapolis, striking workers revive campaign for Working Families Agenda


In addition to targeting fast-food restaurants and retail cleaning Nov 10 GMWC SA MG.jpg1contractors, the strike took aim at Super America. The Minnesota-based chain of gas stations has come under fire from workers in St. Cloud, organizing with Working America and the Greater Minnesota Worker Center, for its hiring practices.

Workers have been asking the company for a meeting about the issue for months, said Makaida Garrett, a mother of five who has worked at a Super America in St. Cloud for about a year. Meanwhile, she continues to earn just $9.50 per hour and was recently passed over for a management-track position.

“There are many women and people of color who work at this company but are not properly represented in management,” Garrett said. “We are no longer asking for that meeting; we are demanding that they meet with us.”

Makaida Kaide Garrett , SA worker and Greater Minnesota Worker Center member speaking to the crowd.

Greater Minnesota Worker Center

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